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Slow Tourism


A return to basics!

In the mountains, it's time to marvel and find balance and serenity at

heart of exceptional environments!

In contact with nature, rediscover fullness, silence and well-being.

Back at the Residence, take advantage of our services and facilities to extend these

precious moments and refocus on the essentials.

And why not slow tourism without a car!

All your hiking from your cottage!

All your purchases with local merchants and their local products!

All your visits of monuments and meetings with the craftsmen in Mont-Saxonnex!

All your pleasure of well-being and rest at the Residence Les Glaciers du Mont!

Exchange with the traders of the village

Discover and taste their local specialties

The butcher's shop Cailler Frères

This butcher, charcuterie, caterer offers house cured meats, sausages, smoked ham ...

Bakery, pastry (regional specialties: bescoins, bear pasta, rissoles ...), chocolate factory, tea room and homemade ice cream in summer.

The bakery Saifi
The goat farm Les Oulettes

Direct sales on the farm of its cheese production every day from 17h to 18h (except Sunday)
At 18h, milking is open to everyone. The farmer welcomes you for a presentation of his activity.

Visit monuments of the village and meet our craftsmen

Relax at the Residence